Patch Article

Trying to Sell Your Home During the Holiday Season? Tips from Alexandria Agent

Trading Spaces

A retired couple is feeling liberated after selling their Old Town Alexandria home and buying a Winnebago.

Helping Dog Owners When They Move

Featured article in the Alexandria Gazette, Pet Gazette edition.

Washington Post Article

Pet owners face unique challenges when buying and selling a home.

Pet Show: Tips for Selling a Home When...

Discuss some great tips for selling a home when you own pets with Dr. Katy on WJLA!

Pet Show: Finding Pet Friendly Housing

Watch my interview with Dr. Katy on WJLA!

Pet Radio Show

Please tune into the podcast at approximately 2:50 for tips on moving with your dog.

NoVA Dog Article

Renting, Buying, or Selling a Home With Your Canine In Mind