Community Electronics Recycling Event

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Old Town Village Roundhouse
343 S. Fayette Street
Alexandria, VA 22314



Always meaning to do something with that old laptop, monitor or keyboard?  
Or how about video game systems that are so outdated your kids won’t even play them anymore?
Don’t even know if they still work?
Now is your chance to donate a variety of electronics to
GOODWILL OF GREATER WASHINGTON and not even have to get in your car!


Join me, your neighbors and friends at The Roundhouse in Old Town Village to drop off items you no longer need, and we will provide you a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.


Goodwill of Greater Washington works with Dell on a program called the Dell Reconnect Program. Some working systems (computer monitors, keyboards, mice, video game systems, cell phones, etc.) are refurbished and resold in Goodwill retail locations. Other electronics, including those not in working order, are given to Dell and they are taken apart and recycled. Dell has a strict electronic disposition policy which ensures that all donated electronics are properly handled. 

In addition to computer related products, Goodwill also accepts the following electronics in working condition and with ALL parts, including cords:

  • Radios, stereo systems, mp3 players, VCRs, and DVD players (Due to the Digital TV Transition, scheduled for June 12, 2009, Goodwill will only accept televisions that have a coaxial cable connection or RCA inputs.)
  • Small appliances such as toaster ovens, Foreman Grills®, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, and portable air conditioners
  • Microwave Ovens in acceptable working condition
  • Lamps and fans that are CPSC approved (visit for more info)
  • Lawn equipment (all fuel must be removed prior to donating)
  • Software is accepted; however, it cannot be more than two years old

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to make arrangements to drop off your items before March 25th. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Lisa Groover
McEnearney Associates REALTORS


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